Welcome One, Welcome All...

Some of my Work

Hey guys. I'm making this site to bring you all into my world of oddness. I use to love to draw and have not done so in quite some time but I hope to get back into it soon to bring you some of my work. As you can tell I love the art of J Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira and Martin Abel. All these artists have been bringing marvelous creations to many fans for years and I hope to see many more pieces from them in time. I take no credit for the artist ability on my layout as I borrowed the images from the above artists and just created my site. If the above artists have an issue with any of the images being used here I will remove them from my layout. I just wished to bring all things I love to one place.

I am also a child of the 80's and remember the good ole days of yore when cartoons got me up every weekend and I ate my cereal watching them with a little grin on my face. From Smurfs to Transformers I remember watching them all. Wonderful memories. If there were still cartoons like that would there still be all this violence? I remember most taught us morals. Miss those days.

A big part of me still loves my childhood and that is why I collect Transformers now days. I love my plastic crack and am proud to say I have a nice little collection so far that continues to grow. A lot from the help of friends which I plan to give credit to on my site. I also want to start doing reviews of them in the future and will link to them here so that you might all check them out.

Another thing I love is humor. If I have made one person laugh or smile a day I feel my day has meant something. I have collected pics and vids I will post later on so that all can see and laugh along with me.

I spend a big part of my life designing websites, if you would like to have a website built by yours truly you can contact me through Magic Time Media. I won't stop til you are 100% satisfied.

I want to thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see and come back to visit me many times in the future to see what more I have added.